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If you're a woman seeking to deepen your relationship with God and grow in your faith, My Daily Conversations with God is the perfect prayer journal for you. This 90-day journal will guide you through daily reflections and conversations with God, helping you to hear His voice in your life and draw closer to Him.

  • Prayer Journal: My Daily Conversations with God is designed as a prayer journal, giving women a dedicated space to reflect on their faith journey and communicate with God.
  • Bible Study: The Journal helps to daily read the Bible providing an opportunity for women to deepen their understanding of the Bible as they grow their relationship with Christ.
  • Hearing God's Voice: Through prompts encouraging reflection on scripture passages or personal experiences throughout the day, this prayer journal helps readers become more attuned to hearing the voice of God guiding them through life's ups and downs.

This 225-page softcover edition is written by author Melody Box. It's an excellent tool for use at home or while traveling. It will help develop long-term spiritual growth from daily use that challenges women regularly!

My Daily Conversations with God

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