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He Can Be Trusted...

With an upbeat, positive and humorous approach, author Melody Box takes us through the darkest moment of her life. The day after her daughter’s wedding, she heard the words, “Yes, it’s what we thought. It’s cancer.” Diagnosed with a rare form of Stage 4 CNS Lymphoma, she faced the disease with a faith that God can be trusted no matter what the outcome.  Using stories from her many days in the hospital and at home, she shares how she came to know that God sees, God hears, and God cares.


Melody invites the reader to discover that God is always good. Even when circumstances, life and situations are bad, He is good. Because He is good, we can bring our fears, our hurts, and even our brokenness to Him; and He responds by taking the bad in our lives and bringing good out of it. Anyone can make good out of good, but only God can make good out of bad! In this inspiring book, she encourages us to release our “What ifs?” and “Why mes?” and trust in God who knows the way through the darkness.


In her book you will:


  1. Be encouraged in the face of their dark times knowing that you are not alone.

  2. Learn that by incorporating a daily devotion time into your life, you will begin to recognize the voice of God.

  3. Discover that it’s ok to have questions about God’s ways and plans.

  4. Embrace the truth that God is always good and He uses all things in your life to create the person He wants you to be.

To pair with your book, He Can Be Trusted, a FREE downloadable chapter by chapter Study Guide is available and perfect for individual or small group study.


This easy to complete guide takes you deeper into discovering how God can be trusted in the darkest of times. With only a few questions covering each chapter, you will be able to take your time and meditate on the things God is saying to you.

Study Guide


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