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It's finally here! Almost.

I'm kind of excited to announce that the Study Guide for my book, He Can Be Trusted, is ready! Well, almost. I have the first 6 chapters completed (plus study questions for the introduction), and you can now download and print them for free. Yay for us!

You can enjoy this guide as a private study for you during your daily devotion, or you could invite some friends to meet together over coffee (or guac and chips!) for group study. Either way, I think you'll enjoy that there are only a few thought provoking and challenging questions for each chapter to help you dive deeper into the scripture and your trust in God. Very soon there will be questions for each chapter. (I'll be sure to let you know when the last three are ready,) You could take the next 10 weeks to read a chapter and complete the questions or double up and complete 2 chapters at a time.


What would you think about joining me for a Zoom Bible Study? I think that would be fun, don't you? If there is enough interest, I will lead a study on Zoom and will be limiting it to 20 participants. The inaugural Bible Study will be held on Wednesday's at 10:00 am CST, for 10 weeks starting May 16; with the last session meeting on Monday, July 16. There will be a $25 fee for participation. If you are interested subscribe in the box above my blog.

Many Thanks

I can't thank you enough for purchasing my book, sharing it with your friends and letting me know how much the book means to you. Please keep sharing. If you have a friend or relative who is going through their own cancer journey, or if they are going through any difficult time, this would be a great gift to get into their hands. I know there are people out there who still need to hear this message.

Check out what some have said about the book:

"Anyone facing a battle - of any type - will be encouraged, challenged and blessed by reading what Melody has to share in this book. It's not just for those going through a cancer battle. The book has moving, and at times very funny stories to keep you engaged. It is also a powerful packed with encouraging scripture. It is the perfect Rx for a hurting heart or a soul in a battle that is bigger than they ever imagined."

"Melody has a profound way of showing us through the filter of scripture, that God can "simply" answer our complex questions and guide us through our overwhelming circumstances."

"This book is a must for both your personal library and for those close to you who are going through tough times ... I cried, I laughed and I worshiped at the feet of the savior for His great grace and His deep love for us."

"I read this book straight through, then bought several copies to give to family and friends. I couldn't put it down because the message is so powerful. The message is this - our life does not have to be defined by our painful experiences, but our union with God."

I'm always overwhelmed by reading what others have said about my book. And I thank God that He chose me to write it.

I hope you'll join me in the Bible study, May 16. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and discovering what God has to say to each of us!

Trusting Him,


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