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Now, don’t let that word “fashion” fool you, because I’m really a fashion goof. However, since 1991, I’ve been in the jewelry business, so I know a little something about fashion and jewelry! What I love best about my “jewelry job” is the joy I get when I see how some simple fashion extras create a polished look that gives any woman a boost in her confidence level. A boost in a woman’s confidence level allows her true personality to shine.


Jewelry is important in the Bible – it adorned clothing, it was given as gifts, it signified belonging, it will be prominent in heaven.  When Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son, Isaac, the servant brought jewelry to adorn the woman God revealed. And when this woman, Rebekah, decided she would marry this unknown man, the servant continued to give her gifts of jewelry during the long journey back home. Wow! What a way to win a woman’s heart! You’ll find this story in Genesis 24. And you’ll find some of my favorite pieces in my store.

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